Thursday, 2 October 2008


today was full of deception.
firstly i came out of the house this morning wearing a light jacket due to the sunny blue sky.
it rained.
i don't know what i expected after the last few days but let's say i was feeling optimistic.

then i come into town and think 'oh it'll only take me around fifteen minutes to get into rusholme'
i got on the bus at 1.30pm
i got off the bus at 2.15pm
thankyou freshers, for polluting oxford road and all of the buses that pass through, you fucking cunts.
then i spent a reasonably pleasant afternoon in okla on my laptop only to find, after a few hours, that i'd lost my earphones.

after all of this trauma, i thought 'right okay, put all of that behind you, you're going to spend a nice evening in with nicola'.
i walked up to her flat and knocked on her door.
there i was greeted with the news that we were not infact staying in, but that we were going round to the arabs' flat next door.
i protested but eventually gave in.
it was absolutely awful.
i sat awkwardly smoking away with food being thrusted in my direction every couple of minutes by arabs ( similar to the way mums force food upon visitors).
i managed to sit for a good hour before having to kick nicola and make her leave.
they were so disgusting.
all of them insisted on grabbing our faces and kissing us - twice - as we left.

i feel so unclean.

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My digital orifice said...

you got a free pack of all white cigs out of it thou
so unclean arab slag