Thursday, 25 December 2008


I really hate christmas. I used to love it, which is sad. I wish i still did. But to be honest, why would i find a day so family orientated and isolated and hyped up and dull enjoyable? It's half six and i'm sat alone in my room when on any other day i could be at the pub or something. Not only is it a shit day, but there is no escape from it. Buses don't run, taxis are double fare and everyone is too drunk to drive. All pubs within walking distance are disgusting and are shut anyway. Why is everyone supposed to be joyous on a day which is so awful? Why do i find spending time with my family so intolerable? Why did my brother get an xbox and loads of games and aftershave and clothes when all i got was some perfume and and a couple of films? Why is my mum about to give him a lift to his girlfriend's house where he can drink and have a good time and stay over and i have to stay in drinking shit beer by my shit self? Just why christmas? WHY?

I wish i was anywhere else but here on any other day but today.
I'd actually prefer to get into college on time and go to all of my lessons everyday than put up with this day for even five minutes longer.


geil gobbins said...

you should have asked for a bicycle for christmas

Blacklodge said...

or a pub
or an xbox...