Monday, 26 January 2009


true but give a shit. im not them im me im the only one i've got and if i dont worry about myself and feel sorry for my self then who will?That's why the worlds fucked katy, we are all selfish. and scared. a little kindness and consideration go a long way. theres no them n me. theres us.i've tried living like that, i might be young but i have and it goes nowhere fast. THEY are fucked and will fuck YOU and ME over time and time again.only as long as theres a 'them'. on the radio before, gaza airstrikes, 900 dead, a third are children..but thats okay to israelis because it's 'them'. You've been hurt, i understand. But don't let the world change you. dont let other peoples weaknesses destroy you by being like them.

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