Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I hate people that read while walking. I saw TWO different people doing it today. What. They can't see where they're going, they bump into people, they are incredibly slow and are always unfortunately fat and/or ugly and are always reading shit books. I kind of hate birds I think, I've been toying with this for a few years. I feel like I don't want to hate them but I know that deep down, I really, really do. I hate everything about them. I also hate people that look slightly like birds. I hate their birds faces. I want to rip out their fucking bird wings and break their bird legs and snap their dirty little bird beaks. I hate people who pronounce the word 'scone' as 'scon', it makes me want to smack them so hard I'd break my wrist. I hate tripping over pavement. I hate flies on my arms. I hate cuts on toes. I hate sweat on the back of necks. I hate oil pastels. I hate v-necks. I hate roll-necks. I hate people that are so fake they can't even see themselves in the mirror anymore. Man.