Saturday, 28 February 2009



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Ire said...

Sookie: Okay, here we go. Low fat, whole wheat blueberry pancakes.
Michel: Are there 12?
Sookie: 12 what?
Michel: Blueberries. I can only have 12 blueberries for breakfast.
Sookie: Or what?
Michel: What do you mean, or what?
Sookie: What happens if you eat 13 blueberries?
Michel: This is a silly conversation.
Sookie: Would you die?
Michel: Just hand me the plate.
Sookie: Only if you don't count.
Michel: I won't count.
Sookie: Swear. Raise your right hand and say, 'May Destiny's Child break up if I count these blueberries.'
Michel: [raises his hand] ... Pick another group.
Sookie: Nope.
Michel: [slams hand down] I hate you! Hate you!

Ire said...

to follow this up:

Beyoncé, Lil' Wayne 'have dumbest fans'

Beyoncé and Lil' Wayne have the least intelligent fans, according to a study.

Students in the US were asked to list their SAT results and write down their favourite artists, with the results showing that the 'Halo' singer's fans had the second lowest overall score.

Rapper Lil' Wayne officially has the dumbest fans, MusicThatMakesYouDumb claim.

"I've listened to artists and afterwards thought to myself, 'Wow...loving this rubbish says a lot about someone and how much they've got going on in their head'," founder Virgil Griffin said.

Fans of classical music were said to be the most intelligent, while people who listed Radiohead, Counting Crows and U2 as their favourites had above average exam scores.

A recent study suggested that Beyoncé's song 'Single Ladies' could be responsible for the global financial downturn.