Monday, 19 March 2012


today i woke up on the floor. i picked myself up and got back into bed. now i cannot move. i realise now that i was on the floor for a reason. my bed had thrown me out in the night because it new what was going to happen. and now i can't even spell knew. the bed knew that if i were to stay in it that i would never be able to get out again. and as i got back into the bed i sealed my own fate. and now i am stuck. now i cannot move. i cannot move myself out of bed. slowly, i can move my arms and legs and though i cannot lift it up, i can roll my head from side to side. but i cannot leave the bed. something is stopping me. i am stopping. i have stopped. i have completely stopped. everything is still going on around me but i cannot see it or hear it and i cannot get out of this bed. something is holding me down.

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